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Awsum xD

the part i love in this flash is the ending, Where the guy say "SHUT UP" and then smash the "wat?"

dude you rock :D

look an ending in a powerful thing in the fate of a character but i loved the series i also think that your animation is awesome :D and so as jerry :D too bad he had to die >.< but he is in a better place now just like his mother :D (JK) and if you allow me to ask Who's lauren?

amazingly awesome!

Dude i love stick movies and this one is perhaps the best i seen in all of my life so pls keep the good work :3

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Nice Job!

Very nice Little game you got there, I liked it's Style, It's Creepyness, Overall, I Really Liked it, but It's a shame that so Much haters try to come and simply, Try to change something, its kinda sad, really.

Now, I really Hope to see more games From you!

i hate you.

cause you made the poor thing die.

but it's a very nice game, and very deep too.

nice job.

this game

well, this game is awesome. simple as that.

and it also reminds me a lot of incredibots.
but it's a lot better.

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you call this a song?

this isnt a song.


sorry bout not comenting on your other songs, i've been of Newgrounds for a while D:

but now im back :D

DJXeMeX responds:

its cool lol :D i jsut got on and made a song :)..glad u like man

just heard this song on youtube.

GOD. i really noticed the difference, in youtube, you would have got an... 8 because of the low audio quality, but here, you got an 10/10 and 5/5! amazing work, mate!

Assios responds:

Yea, Youtube screws up the audio quality! Thanks! :)

wow.... it looks really nice!

hey mate :D i just want to say, this song is pretty good :D and thanks to it i will keep an eye on you! :D

DJXeMeX responds:

thx man i happy u liked it :)..

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when i saw the suit.

i just saw those eyes, and without even reading the title, i tough to myself "deadspace."
anyway, amazing work buddy!

scaaaaaaaaary shit.

nice... well, this thing kinda give me the creeps, but, well... job well done :D and i got a feeling that those eyes and that mouth are going to haunt me forever. ._.

woah that is awesomE!

lol kara isso sim ke eh desenho, amo tdo ke eh tipo "steampunk" e amei esse desenho tbm =D junto com os seus otros, eh simplesmente dMais x3 5/5 10/10 a e uma coisa sobre um otro desenho seu, o chupacabra naum eh mexicano naum?

ThiagoBuzzi responds:

Sim. A idéia original do desenho era pra ser focada no Folclore Brasileiro, mas alguns personagens estrangeiros foram incluÃ-dos. Como o Lobisomem/Werewolf. Sim o Chupacabra é Mexicano.


Derp derp? Derp! Derp derp derp.... DERP!

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